Franchise Opportunities

Empower Brain offers franchise opportunities suitable for all, including educational programs and after-school tutoring for both children and adults. By partnering with public and private institutions, we aim to reach a broad range of learners and support their academic and personal growth. Our diverse franchise options cater to various age groups and interests, making Empower Brain an inclusive and accessible choice for those looking to invest in the education and training sectors. Franchisees must adhere to Empower Brain’s operating procedures and employ its proprietary teaching methods and curriculum. Empower Brain presents four distinct franchise categories, catering to the diverse needs and interests of the education sector. Each type of franchise is designed to provide targeted educational services for various age groups and learning preferences, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to learning and growth.


  • This franchise option is designed for individuals who wish to serve as trainers for their own children or neighbors under their responsibility. The requirement for this type of franchise is that exams must be taken at the nearest center or online if there are no centers within a 100-mile distance. This option allows dedicated individuals to offer tailored educational support to their local community while following Empower Brain’s guidelines and curriculum, even when a center is not in close proximity.

Single Location Franchise

The franchisee has the exclusive right to operate an Empower Brain tutoring center at a single location within a defined radius of 5 miles. The franchisee is required to invest their own capital and utilize their own management skills to operate the franchise.

Area Representitive Franchise

  • This franchise model involves an individual, who may or may not be a franchisee, being granted the right to recruit and market the franchise to potential candidates and provide operational services to franchisees within a predefined geographical territory. In exchange, the Area Representative receives a percentage of the initial franchise fees and ongoing royalties.

Multi-unit Franchise

Empower Brain grants an individual or entity (the multi-unit franchisee) the exclusive right and responsibility to establish and operate multiple franchised units. The multi-unit franchisee must agree to open a specific number of locations within a defined time period and must possess the financial and managerial capacity to independently develop multiple units.